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Network Integration

Wired & Wireless Active Networks, IP Telephone Systems & IP Television

As the technology of Voice, Data and Video services continue to move forward in leaps and bounds, the IP Local Area Network either converged or individual is now the heart that pumps the services through the arterial cable infrastructure delivering the required services within the Hotel to both Guests and Staff. The right combination of all of these applications means that the Hotel provides ‘state of the art’ services to the Guest and maximum efficiency in operations to the Hotel Staff. With knowledge and working experience of IP Networks within the Hospitality Industry, Spartan Comms provide specialist Hotel Network Integration Consultancy Services. The scope of the Network Integration Services include the Design of both the Wired and Wireless LAN along with the Design of the IP telephone System (IPPBX) including Voice mail, ACD systems and Call Accounting, combined with the IP Television System (IPTV) and Video on Demand System (VOD). The combination of these services into a single package allows Spartan Comms to provide a service to our client that fits their requirements today along with the foresight within our design to allow for flexibility and future growth.

Scope of Services - Active Wired & Wireless Network, IPPBX & IPTV

Manage the full scope design through the following stages for all three systems:

  1. Concept Design
  2. Communications Infrastructure construction support
  3. Design Development
  4. Tender Documentation, Issue & Review
  5. Programming & Configuration
  6. Testing, Handover Documentation and Acceptance

1. Active Wired and Wireless Networking Equipment and System

  • Core, distribution and edge switch equipment
  • Wireless Network equipment
  • Wi-Fi antennas
  • Cable patching and network configuration
  • Network management software
  • Any special layer 1, 2 or 3 equipment
  • Any special QoS or Security features
  • Provisions for redundant incoming ISP services
  • Installation and training terms and conditions
  • Five year maintenance / warranty requirements   

Network - Compatible with and to support all requirements of the following:

  • Wired and Wireless data / Internet systems
  • Wired and Wireless IP Telephony systems
  • IP Television systems (IPTV) with Video on Demand (VOD)
  • Security CCTV and Access Control systems
  • Any other IP systems or applications requiring connection to the network such as Audio-Visual systems and energy management and control systems

2. IPPBX - Wired and Wireless Voice Systems

  • IP Telephone switch
  • All Telephone handsets (corded, cordless and wireless)
  • Voicemail system
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system
  • Call accounting/call logging system
  • Text message system
  • Related wireless voice communications equipment
  • Minibar posting and Room status posting IVR application
  • Interfaces between systems (telephone switch, voicemail, rapid response, Mobile/cellular, property management system, call accounting)
  • All related cabling and equipment necessary to make each system a fully functioning system meeting the operational requirements of the project
  • Local, long distance, toll free and direct inward dial voice services and related trunking
  • GSM Cellular/mobile services including mobile closed user group services for on-property fixed cost calling and GSM Cellular PABX trunking (other that the GSM/Cellular amplification system provided through the Communications Infrastructure)
  • Installation and training terms and conditions
  • Five year maintenance / warranty requirements  

3. IP Television System (IPTV) with Video on Demand (VOD)

  • Head End and related equipment for a converged IPTV and VOD system
  • Set-top-boxes and related equipment and cabling for all
  • If necessary, coaxial based Head End distribution equipment for those locations where IPTV cannot be provided directly such as fitness cardio equipment
  • Incoming TV service
  • Electronics connection and programming services
  • Installation and training terms and conditions
  • Five year maintenance / warranty requirements 


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